The Right Workers

When you need a Labor Ready worker, they will be ready to work.


Right Match Dispatch
We do not send out workers first come, first served. Our application process identifies past work experience. This allows us to make sure that we are matching the right workers and abilities to your job requirements.

Behavioral Screening
Labor Ready assesses behavior, not personality, and screens for violence, drug use, theft, lying and entitlement mentality. The process meets all state and federal hiring guidelines and provides instant results – 24 hours a day.

Background Checks and Drug Screening
In addition to our standard screening process, Labor Ready has the resources to provide companies with background checks and drug screening upon the request of the customer.

By working closely with the customer, Labor Ready can custom-design the background checks and drug tests to meet all customer requirements. These tests are provided by Labor Ready at a cost to the customer.


ICE/IMAGE Partnership

Labor Ready is committed to meeting all U.S. employment eligibility and identity requirements. Our branch staff is trained to properly complete I-9 forms and ensure that workers present the necessary documents. 

Labor Ready, and its parent company, TrueBlue, have been recognized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s IMAGE program as a leader in setting standards designed to prevent unauthorized employment in the United States. As an IMAGE partner, Labor Ready is implementing guidelines and best practices designed to ensure that workers are properly documented.